I’m Stephan Meijer. I live in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, where I code in light mode.

I've loved writing software since I was a kid. I started writing DOS scripts, then moved on to Visual Basic, PHP, C#.net and JavaScript. I've been working as a software engineer for over 15 years. Made my entry in tech by launching my own SaaS, GoWion, which later served as a foundation for my career.

I've traded GoWion for a share in an early startup that I joined, which then got rebranded to Clearly. I helped grow the product and the team around it. First with local engineers, later with a remote team in Ukraine, where I met my wife. After working for 7 years at the company, and for 10 years on the same product, it was time to trade my position as CTO for something new.

I've freelanced, helped Kent C. Dodds launch his new website, helped early stage startups with their MVP while they were still in "stealth mode", and I've worked on my own projects.

One of Kent's tweets lead to me joining MagicBell, a YCombinator backed startup. As principal engineer, I'm helping them build the best notification product for SaaS applications, maintain their open-source SDKs, do some customer support, and work on product.

In my free time, I maintain open-source projects like testing-playground.com, work on my own SaaS products like rake.red, updrafts.app, and metricmouse.com, and when there's time left, I work on my house using my hands instead of my keyboard.